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FSI FSPN Filter Housing Bag Filter Indonesia  large
FSI FSPN Filter Housing Bag Filter
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FSI FSPN Filter Housing Bag Filter


 FSI FSPN Filter Housing Bag Filter


FSPN Filter Vessels


·         Patented Polyloc® ring provides a hermetic seal, eliminating bypass and the need for bag hold down

·         Single-gasket lid seal minimizes spare parts, cleans easily, and allows quick bag change-out

·         Full ports assure unrestricted flow

·         Variety of NPT or flange connections and nozzle configurations fit diverse piping requirements

·         ASME Code vessels are made from durable Carbon Steel and 316 Stainless Steel standard (304 Stainless Steel and other materials are available)

·         Standard models offer versatility: One to 24 bags, 25-4800 GPM, with PSI of 100, 150 or 300

·         Choice of gasket materials allows a broad range of chemical and temperature compatibility

·         Size 1 & 2 Vessels in 304SS and 316SS are available with NSF Standard 61 Certification

·         Manual and hydraulic lid lifts are economical and easy to use

·         Easy Open Lid option, available on all multi-bag units, greatly reduces change-out time and improves safety

·         Many standard models, both single- and multi-hole units, are in stock for 24-hour shipment

·         Custom filter vessels available to fit your specifications


About FSPN Filter Vessels

The FSPN line of filters covers nearly every fluid application need. From the compact FSPN-20 miniature single bag filter vessel to the large multi-bag designs, we have exactly what your flow demands require. The FSPN vessels can also be equipped with a variety of lid opening styles including manual, hydraulic, spring assist and Easy Open.

FSPN filter vessels using size 1 and 2 filter bags are designed, built and stamped to meet code requirements in our own ASME Code manufacturing facilities. Standard equipment features like the single-gasket seal, with sturdy perforated metal baskets provide durable and consistent performance.


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